10 Tips for Online Musicians

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This is a video I wanted to make for a few years now and thanks to the sponsor from Distrokid, I was able to do it, so thank you!

I really benefited in my early days from resources in these formats. Having now been making my living making music on the internet for a while, I was hoping to make something that could help others in the same way. I've been work-shopping many ideas and 'tips' like these at panels at the many conventions I go to every year and these were the 10 that seemed to hit home with most people.

Now, of course some of these things could be really obvious to some of you, just remember they might not be so obvious to others! That's typically the nature of 'Tips' videos and having never done on like this, I'm interested to see what people think!

Animation by MasaeAnela:
https: MasaeAnela

Here are the tips:

10: Don’t be afraid of making covers.
9: Just Put It Out.
8: First 5 Seconds, catch em or they’re gone.
7: Train your ears by appealing to yourself.
6: Play for the journey, not the high score.
5: Ask for feedback from peers.
4: Motivation often needs a push from you.
3: Delete unhelpful hate.
2: Don't blame the algorithm of your platform.
1. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

I hope this video helps you in some way!


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