2019’s Top 10 Comic Book Covers! Week 26



Comic Book Corner 2.0
2019's Top 10 Comic Book Covers! Week 26

Hi fans, it's never too early to start voting for comic book cover of the year. This is the video series where you the fans vote every week on what your favorite cover of the week is. This top 10 list is based off of my favorite covers of the week. Have fun and remember please don't forget to vote!! #variantcovers #Comicbooks #Artgerm

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Welcome to Comic Book Corner 2.0 where I your host Mike spider-Slayer has all kinds of fun with Comic Books. I am a True fan who tells like it is. Join Me as I bring you each week Comic Book Hauls, Comic Book Reviews, Comic Book Cover Videos, where you the fans vote on your favorite covers. Also look for Occasional Comic Reviews, Unboxings, and Movie Trailer Reactions. So hopefully there is something here for you to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and as always thank you for watching and supporting Comic Book Corner 2.0

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