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5.3 – Stochastic Composition | Music Technology

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Music Technology - Dr. Jason Freeman (
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0. Introduction -
1. the Basics of Sound -
lessons in acoustics, psychoacoustics, timbre, digital representation of sound, and
spectral representation of sound.
2. Digital Audio Workstations -
DAW history and key features, music representation, recording and editing audio in a DAW,
effects and automations, and aesthetic context.
3. Working With MIDI -
MIDI specification (history, structure, limitations), real and virtual MIDI devices,
and MIDI sequencing in the DAW.
4. Algorithmic Composition Basic Techniques -
Basics of Python programming and the EarSketch API and the history and practice of
algorithmic composition.
5. Algorithmic Composition Advanced -
Advanced topics in algorithmic programming for music including stochastic composition,
chance music, process music, and modeling.
6. Future Directions -
Describing the core research areas in computer music and their future directions.
music information retrieval, live coding, machine musicianship, new musical interfaces,
mobile music, and networked music.

*NOTE:* The Survey of Music Technology course close new enrollments on September 24th, 2018
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