5 Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Life

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There are four widely researched styles of parenting: authoritative, permissive, authoritarian, and neglectful. The styles range from controlling to undemanding, and from cold and unresponsive to loving and receptive. In recent years, over-involved parents, who are present in every aspect of their child’s life, are often referred to as the fifth style. They are also known as snowplow or helicopter parents. #parenting

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0:00 Parenting styles
1:07 Authoritarian parenting
2:08: Permissive parenting
3:00 Authoritative parenting
4:02 Neglectful parenting
4:48 Over-Involved parenting
5:32 Research
5:50 Tips for parents
6:14 What do you think?

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Parenting styles: An evidence-based, cross-cultural guide

Parenting Styles: A Closer Look at a Well-Known Concept,and%20high%20responsiveness

Parenting Dimensions and Styles: A Brief History and Recommendations for Future Research

Academic competence and parenting styles, as meta-analysis
https: meta-analysis

Meta-analysis of research from 1,435 studies on associations of parenting dimensions

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