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7 Habits of Ultra Magnetic Women That Make Men Fall In Love

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🌷 In this video you're going to learn seven habits that are going to make you even more magnetic so that you could attract and keep
the love that you want and desire this year.

Soulmate Training Masterclass:

Magnetic Woman habit number one.

Talk to yourself in the most loving way.
I know that most women
are really giving and nurturing and often
this nurture only spreads
to the rest of the world.

Well I'm here to remind
you that love for the world
includes love for yourself
because you are a part
of the world as well.

It also includes love towards
different parts of your personality.

To your inner feminine,
to your inner lover,
to your inner organizer, and even
love to your inner critic.

It definitely includes love
to every part of your body
especially it includes love
to the parts of your body
that you've been ignoring,
that you've been ashamed of.
Or that you've been hiding.

So, I'm going to give you an example
how something like this is possible.
When I'm falling asleep
I'm looking back at the day
that I spent helping people,
making sure that all my
clients are on track,

that they're happy, that they're meeting
high quality men, that they are involved
in empowered communications,
empowered relationships,
and as I fall asleep I put
my own hand on my face,
and I say Luba, you did
such a great thing today.

You are so wonderful,
you are such a treasure,
I love you so much and
I'm so looking forward
to spending this night with you
and going deeply into your dreams,
into your subconscious mind, okay?

Sometimes after a workout that I do
with our personal trainer who also
is a trainer for my
Magnetic Woman program,
and she leads Magnetic Woman yoga
for women on Zoom in a video conference.

So after a workout that
I do, I also hug myself,
and I say to myself, Luba
I am so grateful to you
that in spite of your busy schedule and
in spite of everything
else that you're doing,
you found time and that you put in effort,

thank you so much and
thank you so much this body
for serving me in such a beautiful way.
My legs are still working.
They help me move around.
My belly is so precious
even if it is not perfect.
But it digests food for
me, it nourishes me,
it makes me feel comfortable,
and thank you so much my eyes,
they're so beautiful
and they can be so deep
and I just love those lashes.
And maybe they're not as
long as they used to be,
but they are still very precious.

And look at this heart.
This is what I'm the most grateful for.
I am so grateful for this
heart because it is gigantic
and it is warm, and it is comforting,
and it has feelings, and it has desires,
and so just talking to
yourself in that way,
in this positive self
talk, loving self talk,
that is definitely something
that increases your oxytocin.
And when you're, oxytocin
is this love hormone,
when it is increased,
everyone can smell it.
Everyone wants to touch you,
everyone wants to come
close to that oxytocin.
Everyone wants a part of that
love that you're experiencing
towards yourself and towards your body.

So that is Magnetic
Woman habit number one.

Number two, this is very unusual.

This is something that
is easy to implement
and is going to make
a gigantic difference.
And this about surrounding yourself
with magnetic magical objects.

And those objects can
be some kind of earrings
that you really, really love so much.
Like I love this earrings so much

that I lost so many of them and
I keep buying the same
kind of earrings at Etsy

because I just love them and
they make me feel magnetic.

It could be a hat, it could
be some other accessory

that just makes you
feel so juicy, so tasty.
It makes your environment feel magical
and it's almost like
your signature object.

You can bring in some
objects that remind you
of your power, that
remind you of your love,
of your greatness, and
some objects that maybe
that transport you to some places
that you're connected with.

I know that my environment is just
so different, so personal.
And this way my body, my
energy body becomes bigger.
Everything that you are
choosing for yourself
should be making you feel special.

And then most importantly,
it should make you feel at home.

Every time we look at an object of beauty,
that gives us more energy.

Third habit of Magnetic Women,
and the habit that is
more magnetic is conscious eating.

So when we're eating consciously,
just like when we're doing
anything consciously,
and we know the consequences
of what we're doing.
And we're making a free choice.
And by the way that does not
only include physical food.
It may also includes spiritual food,
it can include intellectual food,
so being very particular about what it is
that you're allowing in to your system,
because of the famous saying
garbage in, garbage out,
if you're consuming garbage,
if you're consuming food for
example that is bad for you,
It weakens your magnetic field.



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