7 Tips for First Time Wedding Photographers

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Photographing your first wedding?? I got you! These are my best tips for shooting your first wedding ever. phew!

It wasn't easy to narrow this into a short list - what else would you add? Leave me a comment with your best tips for shooting weddings.

What to Include in Wedding Contracts:
How to Direct Clients for Wedding Portraits:
How to Photograph a Ceremony Without Flash:
How to Photograph a Wedding Sparkler Exit:
Backing Up Wedding Images:

🚩 Possible question to ask the engaged couple before the wedding day:
- Where will you be getting ready?
- Would you like getting ready photos?
- Where will the ceremony take place?
- How long will the ceremony be?
- Are there rules or restrictions for photography during the ceremony?
- Will you be seeing each other before the ceremony (aka a "first look) and if yes, where?
- How many are in your bridal party?
- Is there travel time between ceremony and reception? (If yes, how long)
- Is there parking available at each location throughout the day?
- What is a good contact number for both of you for any day-of emergencies?
- Can you provide me with a timeline of the wedding day?
- Who would you like to be in your family photos? (Ask for a list with full names)
- Are there any family situations, deaths, or divorces I should be sensitive to?
- Are there any special or surprise moments planned for the reception?
- What is the most important part of the wedding day to each of you?

This list could certainly go on ...but it should give you a great jumping off point!

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How I grew my photography business
What I wish I knew before I became a photographer
How I photograph Sparkler Exits
How to find your editing style
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