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A Complete Program for Classical Painting Nowadays. How I Painted All These. Cesar Santos vlog 093

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For technical instructions go to my website:
Here is the complete program of classical training as I experienced it in 2005, when I studied art at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. Its effectiveness is how I got to paint all these works within a year and a half.

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Experience how I paint the human figure. I explain every thought of the process, and you will see me apply every mark on the canvas in my latest video:

To see me in action painting a portrait of my wife from start to finish, while sharing my thought process in almost 20 hrs of instruction, click the link below:

Witness my whole process of drawing the figure, from the construct stage to the final layers of rendering. You will hear my every thought and see every mark of charcoal on the paper:

The Books:
“Drawing Course” by Charles Bargue:
“The Human Figure” by John H.Vanderpoel:
Bridgman’s “Complete Guide to Drawing from Life”:
“The Practice & Science of Drawing” by Harold Speed:

Video gear, lighting and other useful links:
Canon lens:
Sigma lens for Canon:
Another Sigma Lens for Canon:
Canon Zoom Lens:
JOBI gorilla pod:

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