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A Very Honest SHEIN Kids Clothes Review!

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What’s up Gorgeous People!!!!

In today’s video, I’m going to share with you a very honest review of SHEIN's Kids Clothes. A while back I ordered some clothes from SHEIN for my son and fiance. I finally got the pictures of my son in the clothes I bought for him so that I can share my thoughts on the quality and fit of SHEIN's kids clothes. I love shopping on SHEIN for Women's Clothes but I have been very curious about their Kid's and Mens Clothes, so I placed an order for my son and fiance to find out. This is not my normal type of bonus video, but this kind of video doesn't really fit for my normal posting days, but I thought it was a useful video for me to cover so I decided to make it a bonus video. I will have the video for the Mens Clothes out next Friday so make sure you are subscribed and have that notification bell clicked for that upcoming video. I hope that you find this video helpful in some way. If you do I hope you decide to subscribe to my channel for more fun useful content.

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