Aggressive Metalstep / Electro Metal Mix 'SYMBIOTE'

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SYMBIOTE Aggressive Metal Electro / Industrial / Metalstep Mix by Aim To Head.

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00:00 | Intro
00:30 | OHMIE - Bring It Metal
03:31 | CYBRPNk x Sullivan King - MSHPT
06:38 | Sound Infection - Isolate The Infection
09:07 | Dirtyphonics x Sullivan King - Hammer
12:18 | Summon The Beast - Beast Test
17:12 | The Enigma TNG - Misanthropic Empire
21:46 | The Enigma TNG - War With A Demon
24:41 | Dirtyphonics x Sullivan King - Navigator
27:47 | CYBRPNK - Deadsec
32:05 | Kai Wachi x Sullivan King - Between The Lines
35:20 | CYBRPNK - Codebreaker
38:20 | Destore - Kill Them

🎨 Background art: Marcus Whinney

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