AS292 – 37

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AS292 - 37

Abstract Series 292 - Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys Part 1
BlackThai + SidewalkDriver + Planetoid + WalterSickert HOSTED by Mary Widow at Brighton Music Hall

The Eschaton of 2012 featuring:

9pm Black Thai

10pm Sidewalk Driver

11pm Planetoid

12am Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys

HOSTED by Mary Widow

Your daily dose of SteamCrunk Est. 1889
“Somewhere between hell and your own bedroom”, Walter Sickert and Edrie let you know how it feels to be broken.

Boston’s Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys offer their broken toy wisdom with the help of the WIRETOOTH animals and their Broken Toy Army of 9-15 artists, who “roll in with their burlesque dancers, leers and winks and Hieronymus Bosch tableaus of living mannequins and props and ...See More
Band Interests
manifesting imagination
Artists We Also Like
the Tiger Lillies, What Time is it Mr Fox?, Jaggery, Dreamchild, Goli, Flutter Effect, Tiger Lillies, Zoe Keatings, Dresden Dolls, Reverend Bob and the Darkness,…

Walter Sickert - Vox, Piano, Guitar
Edrie - Vox, accordian, xylophone, Broken Toys
Rachel Jayson - Viola, Violin, Cello
Kevin Corzett - Clarinet, Sax, Cigtar
jojo the Burlesque Poetess - MC, Poet, Uke
Terrorence Tj Horn - Drums
Meff -Guitar, Mandolin, bubbles, mustache
Mike Leggio - Standup Bass

& you and me our Giant Squid our Circus Bear 5 dead hookers & Mitre Square!!!

Band Bunnies:
(live performance artists who sometimes join the fray on instrument or body)

Daniel Schubmehl - Drums
Eli Higgins - Mental Patient
Kelsey Jarboe - Accordion, Voice, Piano, bunny
Madelaine Ripley - Violin
Mali Sastri - Vocals, Piano
Nate Green Slit - Drums
Paul Dilly - Standup Bass
Tony Leva - Standup Bass

The Bunny Collaborative:
( "the 20 ODD performers who augment the group on stage")

Adam Annable: Creepy Mickey Bunny
Al Marionette: Puppeteer Bunny
Amy Danse Macabre: Burlesque Bunny
Amy Roeder: Atomic Mouse Bunny
Ashley Marie Collett: Dita von Bunny
Austin Auh: OCD Bunny
Ben Parsons: Puppeteer Bunny
Chelsea Shunten: Tiny Dancer Bunny
Daria Morgandorpher: Gypsy Bunny
Donovan Smith: Bunny jr.
Elena Sanders: Aerial Bunny
Irina Peligrad: Marionette Bunny
Jackie Olivia: Mistress of Merch Bunny
Jenny Pi: Dominatrix Bunny
Justin Moore: Paparazzo Bunny
Kama Lord: Dignified Lady Bunny
Katrina Galore: Fancy Dancey Bunny
Mags Loscuito: Bad Girl Meat Bunny
Martin Owens: Distinguished Gent Bunny
Natasha Sorokin: Bunny of all trades
Penny Candy: Ballerina Bunny
Porcelain Dalya: Mermaid Bunny
Stephanie Ramirez: Plastic Lady Bunny
Ted Read: Bent Circuit Bunny
Tricia Smith: Mamma Bunny

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