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This is the most complete beginner guide/tutorial to digital illustration I could fit in a Youtube video lenght. I hope you find it useful! Please let me know if there is anything different you would like to see in my videos or anything you would like to learn!

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- What brushes are you using?
For the lineart the HB Pencil brush and for the shadows Nikko Rull. Both come with Procreate

- The reference picture I used: https://igmakeup.com/post/644716830074781696

- How big should the canvas be?
I usually always paint in 300 dpi, the reason is that’s the standard number of dpi that a printer uses, it doesn’t make much sense to go higher unless you are working on a specific project that requires it, as it would slow down your pc/tablet unnecessarily.

As canvas dimension, it depends a lot on what your goal is, for example if you want to print on a certain support use the dimensions of that support. For a drawing without specifications I use a canvas 2500x2500 or 3000x3000 pixels, depending on the level of detail I want to add and the machine I’m drawing on (a bigger canvas will require more processing power)

When I post on social media I lower the canvas dimension and DPI to lower the risk of art theft. I use 72 DPI because that’s the resolution all screens use.

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Time stamps:
00:00 - Intro
00:42 - Where to Start
01:36: - Background Lines
05:58 - Character Lines
08:05 - Flat Colors
09:12 - Lights and Shadows
►Tools: - iPad Pro 2020 - 12.9 inches
-Apple Pencil 2gen
- App: Procreate
►The reference picture I used: https://igmakeup.com/post/644716830074781696
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►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aki_anyway
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