Best Busking Advice for Musicians with Katie Ferrara

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Top Los Angeles busking musician, Katie Ferarra talks to us about her top 3 favorite busking
places. Bonus, if you stick around to end of the video Katie's shares her secrets to a successful busking adventure and how we can change the world.

Top 5 busking tips for musicians:
0:00 Intro
0:17 What are your top 3 busking places in Los Angeles
0:22 Universal City Walk - Street performer program
0:31 Santa Monica Pier - Networking and Enjoying the beach
0:46 Marina Del Rey - Farmer's Market & small businesses
1:11 Busking essentials: What do I need to bring to busk?
1:19 Personal PA options for the traveling muscian: Roland BA-330, Mackie Freeplay Live, Bose S1
1:46 Tips for beginners
2:04 Musicianship: How to connect with the audience
2:27 Thank you credits
2:34 How busking makes the world a beautiful place
2:53 Social media is a stepping stone for musicians
3:29 What's the greatest reward you get from music?
3:53 What has music done for you? How has busking helped your following and success?
4:29 Where can we go to follow you? Social media platforms.

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Song "No Bad Days" now available everywhere by Katie Ferrara.
Which is better? The Roland BA-330 or the Mackie Freeplay Live or the Bose S1

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