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Meet the entrepreneurs, scientists and innovators pushing the needle on the possible, and building some big businesses on the way, as we look back on some of our favorite videos of 2021 focused on innovation, science and technology.

0:00:00 How This Company Is Making Spaceflight Greener With Biofuels
0:08:24 This Entrepreneur Is Challenging Billion-Dollar Leaders In The Mortgage Industry And Succeeding
0:10:34 How International Police Took Down The World's Most Dangerous Malware
0:15:37 The Quiet Scientist Behind The Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA Vaccine
0:21:26 The $35 Billion Flavor And Fragrance Company You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
0:26:04 Grandparent Scams: How Fraudsters Steal Millions From The Elderly Each Year
0:31:05 To Modernize America's Freight Industry, This Entrepreneur Took An Untraditional Approach
0:33:04 The CEO Behind Software's Biggest IPO Ever
0:37:04 This Startup Grows Trees That Could Help Fight Climate Change
0:44:47 This Entrepreneur Is Using BioTech To Modernize The $50 Billion Market For Infant Formula
0:46:47 The Richest Woman You've Never Heard Of: Judy Faulkner
0:52:26 How Affirm's Billion-Dollar Plan To Kill Credit Cards Works
0:58:08 Meet The Entrepreneur Who Built An Electric Vehicle Company Worth Millions Before Age 30
1:00:21 Can BioTech Clean Up The $765 Billion Chemical Industry?
1:08:00 This Entrepreneur Built A Multimillion Dollar Company To Help Your Dog Live Longer
1:10:06 The Tesla Mafia: How Elon Musk’s Ex-Employees Are Becoming His Top Rivals

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