Beware of Art Scams Online


This is an issue that happened to me, as well as a friend of mine, and I realized this has happened to other people which I noticed in this Artist's blog here.

I received a message from [email protected] asking to purchase my Art. I believed it to be legit, because the person was speaking very nicely over email, saying he/she loves my work and is ready to transfer close to $10000 to purchase them. The person mentioned this is an anniversary gift and needs the paintings urgently.There was an official email from Origin Bank saying money has been transferred.

However this money is on hold as the bank is asking him to pay 10% tax. So once I transfer this money to him, the entire amount will get credited to my account.

This pathetic excuse for a human being said money is being held by the bank. I mean he might as well have said he is a Nigerian Prince who needs help.

People like a**hole and the CEO of the bank, Drake Mills should be ashamed of themselves.

Look at this fake letter from their CEO.
These people are taking advantage of people in third world and developing nations during this pandemic, and seriously, they should be given the death penalty.

I have received official looking emails from origin bank with their branding and the photo and signature of this scam artist CEO asking me to send him money.

Seriously... Origin bank wants me to send them money, so they can send me money. 

This is a perfect example of how corrupt the US banking system is. Not only do they scam and force their own citizens into slavery, now they are targeting other nations to scam.