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Book review- Libba The Magnificent Musical Life of Elizabeth Cotten | Childrens Book Read Aloud

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This is my Childrens book review of the book: Libba the magnificent musical life of Elizabeth Cotten. I try hard to find historical autobiagraphies of exceptional people who overcame hardship to reach their full potential. It is especially important that more childrens books feature people like this because many of the fictional books children read dont prepare them for the realities of life and all stories dont end happily ever after. Elizabeth is a good example because in her little means she used her creativity to overcome not having a left handed guitar. she also learned to play it backwards and upside down. we all may not be proficient at guitar or music for that matter but we all have talents and passions and those are the things that I hope children try their best to nurture and I hope parents will not derail or discourage them from doing so.
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This video was shot on my Lumix G7 using the 25mm 1.7, the sigma 19mm 2.8 and the kit lens 14-42
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