Breathing for Singing – PLEASE DON'T DO THIS BAD HABIT! #shorts, #singinglessons, #vocalcoach

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Breathing for Singing - do you understand how to inhale properly OR are you doing this bad (and UGLY) habit? Find out here. Learning how to breathe efficiently for singing will help you build more strength and stamina. Follow Victoria's Victorious Vocal Tips for serious vocal technique (made fun)!

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I have taught thousands of singers in all styles for 32 years, and have studied voice for 44 years! I always explain everything in everyday language, besides being entertaining! My videos give you quick fixes as well as long-term solutions.

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This is a shorts video as part of Victoria’s Victorious Vocal Tips. I have tons of full-length tutorials and many performance videos posted as well, with music ranging from classical to pop. Also included are highlights of some of my students. Subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/vrsing

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