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Chillout music radio 24/7 for your productivity while working from home. Excellent music tracks to keep you focused, motivated and relaxed at the same time. This music suits almost any type of work: whether you are a social media marketing specialist creating content for an Instagram page, or a big company boss solving daily issues. Cozy late-night work visuals will be a nice background in the “work with me” style. Now it’s a perfect time to propel your career to new heights. Have a nice productive work session!

Work from home tips to maximize your productivity:

1. Get ready for your workday. Our brains are programmed in a way that takes cues from our social and personal outlook while making a decision. When you dress up for your work, you give the brain a reason for doing it. It’s like a natural alarm that can keep you alert throughout the day.
2. Choose a proper home office. As much as home working is convenient for many as they can coop up in their bed or couch, it becomes challenging to resist the temptation of sleep with our not-so-healthy sleep routine. A dedicated workspace will enable you to keep yourself oriented to your work by providing an office-esque environment.
3. Maintain consistent working hours. When your mind is completely onto work, it is quite possible for you to be unaware of the amount of time that has passed. If you plan on working for 8 hours straight on a workday, from 10 am to 6 pm, make sure you stick to your schedule.
4. Eat & sleep right. One of the perks of working from home is free access to the kitchen. As soon as it is time for breaks, you gravitate towards it to grab some snacks. This practice does not benefit you, in any way. Being on a healthy diet is very essential when you are a working person.
5. Set a morning & evening routine. Work on your sleep schedule, meditate and exercise regularly.
6. Prepare a to-do list/planner. Creating a to-do list would allow you to keep track of your progress efficiently.
7. Music can boost your productivity! Listen to your favorite playlists or music radios and stay focused.
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Genre: Electronic music, Chillout music
Style: Chillout
Mood: Inspiring, Motivating, Calm, Night, Peacuful
Duration: 24/7

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