CrossFit Beginners: Top 5 Movements to Learn

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CrossFit can be confusing when you start out - so many movements, abbreviations, acronyms... and which skill to learn first? In this video I cover the 5 (actually I sneak a 6th in there) most important and beneficial movements that all beginners should focus on:

0:00 Intro
1:00 The Squat
3:30 The Press
6:30 The Deadlift
9:36 The Pull-up
12:13 The Burpee (and bonus movement!)

Check out all of the above for in-depth demos, cues and variations to help get you started with CrossFit!

WODprep's mission is to provide simple, effective, and inspiring functional fitness coaching for athletes worldwide.

I’m "no fluff" and "no B.S" - just training and strength tactics that have worked at my own gym or in my own competition training.

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