Crypto News: Inflation, FTM, XRP, PoW Ban, OTC FUD & MORE!!

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β–Ί Crypto Fund Inflows:
β–Ί Russian Stock Exchange Closed:
β–Ί Andre Cronje Quits:
β–Ί Ripple Fait Notice Defense:
β–Ί Anti Crypto Bill In EU:
β–Ί Russians Selling Crypto In UAE:
β–Ί CPI Record High February:


0:00 Intro
2:21 Big Crypto Bucks
4:23 The Case For Crypto
6:29 Andre Cronje Quits
9:49 Ripple Winning Against SEC
11:39 Anti Crypto Politicians
14:22 Side Stepping Sanctions
16:40 Inflation Expectations
18:39 Market Forecast
21:28 Outro


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