Daniel Glen Timms “Fly Away” acoustic pop rock music and pop folk rock song


Acoustic pop rock song, "Fly Away," by Daniel Glen Timms from the new album "Wood Blossoms," with folk rock love song, soft rock, pop folk rock music video and indie pop folk rock songs.

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Written and produced by Daniel Glen Timms
Music video edited and directed by Daniel Glen Timms.
All instruments by Daniel Glen Timms, except for drums.
Tommy. Harden - drums
Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Daniel Glen Timms
Label: Blue Earth Records
Publishing: NewTune Publishing Company
Performance rights organization: BMI
All rights reserved © 2019. Daniel Glen Timms
Official website: http://www.danielglentimms.com

Fly Away is a new pop rock music video by indie folk rocker, producer, musician Daniel Glen Timms. This song is from DGT's fifth studio album "Wood Blossoms." Fly Away is a new pop rock music video and is also in the category of alt country, pop country, Americana, folk rock, pop indie folk rock music videos, independent music, country rock, acoustic rock, alternative country, alternative country rock and Nashville singer songwriter.

Daniel has directed all of his music videos found on his YouTube channel. The music video for Fly Away was made entirely of royalty-free stock footage, which DGT licensed and edited.

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