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People have always tried to comprehend the world around them. Today we learn about the world not only on Earth, but also far beyond. Beyond the solar system and even our galaxy. Thanks to this, we've discovered countless celestial bodies, for surely our universe has all kinds of cosmic objects. So let's take a trip to see the most unusual ones. We'll begin our journey with the largest void in the universe. It is so huge that time inside it seems to stop. Next, we are going to visit the stars inside our galaxy whose very existence seems implausible. They keep everyone puzzled and leave us with more questions than answers. Next, we'll take a trip beyond the Milky Way to see zombie galaxies. Do you want to find out what it is? Two of the stops will be deadly magnetars that can extract iron from a person's blood, being thousands of kilometers away, and black holes, whose very existence is frightening.
This is a documentary about space - the spectacular space objects of the universe.
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00:00 Intro
01:18 The Boötes void
12:26 Przybylski's Star
21:30 Diamond planets: PSR J1719-1438
24:35 Methuselah star - HD 140283
27:34 Hellish Racer: HE 0437-5439
31:02 Tabby's Star
42:54 Dead Galaxies. MACS2129-1
47:15 NGC 1277
51:14 M87
55:40 Magnetars
01:05:45 Pan - Saturn's moon or cosmic ravioli
01:07:50 Sombrero galaxy
01:10:28 KELT-11b
01:14:58 Raspberry-flavor and rum-scented dust cloud
01:16:58 Black hole NGC 5128 or Centaurus A
01:19:28 Black hole NGC 4261
01:21:16 Hercules A
01:23:33 Quasar 3C 273
01:26:23 RX J1131-1231


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