Electric Universe Laser Harp Concert @ Boom Festival 2022 (Full Set Movie 4k)

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This is the full set video of my Laser Harp Concert at Boom Festival.
I am lost for words to describe this experience.

I wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the people involved. Without you this would have never been possible.

And what makes me super special happy: This Video is completely filmed and edited by my son Luka. This project became a family venture and I could not be more proud as a father to be able to experience such incredible adventures together with my son.

Video by Luke Brown Productions
Pawel & Kinga Wieloch - additional Video Footage
Artur, Joāo and the whole Boom crew.
Johanna for big stage support, Cornelia, Osh, Yaron for the Sound, Aashit, Guille, Eliran, Maor, Ben, Shir, Homsy, Diogo & Marco, Kitty, Raz, Christine, Sven & Christian, Frieder, Reinhard, Gabriele & Klaus,

Laser Harp powered by Phase7 Performing Arts

FM Booking
Sacred Technology
Sonic Booking
DM7 Booking
Mix & Master by Mindspin Mastering Studio

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Electric Universe, aka Boris Blenn, has been breaking musical boundaries since the early 90s and is hailed by many as one of the original pioneers of the psytrance genre.
The sonic storyteller twists tales of musical intrigue narrated by ancient wisdoms and modern melodies punctuated with dynamic drops that captivate audiences around the globe.
Evolution is the driving principle of the Electric Universe project as the artist continually transforms his style while always remaining true to his Goa trance roots. He transverses both the digital and analogue worlds to produce exquisite, consciousness-raising compositions resonant with primal basslines and ethereal harmonies.
Internationally renowned for his creative and technological innovations, the Berlin native performs live shows with a laser harp to create an immersive auditory and visual experience for packed dancefloors. No stranger to the biggest festival stages in the electronic music world, Electric Universe is an equally adept performer in intimate underground venues from Berlin to Sao Paulo and beyond.

Memorable performances include gracing the main stage at legendary events including Tomorrowland, Boom, Ozora, Universo Parallelo, Adhana, Indian Spirit, Hadra, Neverland and many more while the recent addition of the laser harp instrument to his performances has enchanted audiences from Berlin to Brazil.
With countless hit releases to his name, Electric Universe’s energetic sets take dancers from zen to exhilarated with uplifting melodies and soul searching samples that seek to inspire harmony and evolution from within.
Delve into the electric universe and discover inner worlds of wonder.
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