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Fine China ….

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Fine China ....


I wore diamonds for the birth of your baby
For the birth of your son
On the same day, my husband-to-be
Packed his things to run
Was bittersweet to say the least
One life begins, one comes undone
I’ve always been a strong woman of faith
Strong like a tree, but the unlucky one

I’m going down now
With all of my

Fine china and fresh linen
All of my dresses with them tags still on them
Fine china and dull silver
My white horses and my ivory almonds
I guess they really got the best of us, didn’t they?
They said that love was enough, but it wasn’t
The Earth shattered, the sky opened
The rain was fire, but we were wooden

I wore diamonds for the day of our wedding
For our day in the sun
On the same day, my mother-to-be said she wouldn’t come
It’s always been that way with me
No time for change, no time for fun
It’s always been that way, it seems
One love begins, one comes undone

Posted by Buneta on 2020-07-12 10:14:49

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