Four Years Time Lapse (growing my facial hair)

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* NEW UPDATED TIME LAPSE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWRBD4OIywI

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I've been taking a photo of myself since the 11th of June 2011. This is a four years time lapse (11/6/11 - 11/6/15) showing my face getting hairier and hairier.

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=== Frequently Asked Questions ===

Even though I love replying to your comments, I see a lot of questions that are being repeated, so I decided to use this space here to answer a few of them.

Q: How long did it take until you were able to tie your hair up?
A: It took me about 1 year until I was able to do a little "hair bun" and another 6-8 months for a proper ponytail.

Q: Did you ever trim your hair?
A: While I was making this video I trimmed my hair twice (about once every 18 months). I usually trim my beard every 3-4 months.

Q: How do you wash/take care of your hair?
A: For the first two years, I used to use regular shampoo and comb it as often as possible. Later, I found out that using shampoo every day can actually damage your hair and scalp.
After trying out a lot of things, I came up with a routine of shampooing my hair twice every week with shampoos that contain as little chemicals as possible. I also condition my hair right after I shampoo it. I'm also taking multivitamins and I try to eat enough protein every day. I've also started using beard oils for my beard and mustache. (Check out BeardBrand if you are interested in those!)

Q: What did you do/What should I do during the "awkward" stage?
A: Hats! ..and patience.

Q: Are you still growing your hair?
A: Yes! And I'm not planning on stopping any time soon.

Q: Why does the background keep changing?
A: I'm from Cyprus, but I study in the UK. The room with the Evanescence door is my bedroom in Cyprus and the one with the Fight Club poster is my room in England.

Q: What software did you use to make the video?
A: I used Adobe Premiere Pro, but I think that you would be able to have the same results with a more basic and easy-to-use software.

Q: Are you Jesus?
A: Yes.

GENERAL NOTE: I am not a hair expert (or whatever they are called). I'm simply telling you what I did to grow my hair! These tips are based on my personal experience and might not work for you.

=== Thank you for your interest! ===

Watch the Five Years Time Lapse here:
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