Getting Ghosted? How To Practise Body Acceptance? a little Q+A and Advice vid ✨ | Lucy Moon

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How do I become more body confident? How do I deal with being ghosted? I hope you enjoy this little 2014-style Q&A! Sending loads of love to you all, thinking of all the key workers and those struggling right now ❤️

What would your job be if you weren't doing YouTube? 1:05
What have you been watching and listening to during quarantine? 4:14
How have you been taking care of your mental health during quarantine? 5:41
How do you deal with frequent nightmares/bad dreams? 7:01
How do you deal with your body changing over time? Weight gain/loss 9:03
What is happening with Nothing To Wear? 9:56
What is your favourite tea? 10:38
What impact do you think corona will have on influencers? 10:53
As someone who usually works alone, are you enjoying having an office environment during lockdown? 12:22
How long have you and Jack been together? 12:57
Is it worth risking a friendship for a relationship? 13:11
Do you have any tips for isolating with your parents? 14:30
How do you stop intense emotions from overwhelming you? 15:27
How to end a toxic friendship? How do I manage a friendship breakup? 16:21
How do I start shooting on film? 17:00
Advice for getting ghosted out of the blue? 18:23

Stay curious.

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