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Ghostwire: Tokyo Review – The Final Verdict

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While it falls prey to many trappings of modern open world games, Ghostwire: Tokyo does so much in such a uniquely distinct way that it still stays with you. Though it’s formulaic and relies on certain design tropes, the veneer wrapped around all of that still makes it feel like a very unique experience.

In a few months from now, when I think back on Ghostwire: Tokyo, that it has a “clear the map” open world probably won’t be the thing that sticks with me- it will be how unique its tone and atmosphere are, how fun its combat it is, how eerie and psychedelic the experience feels, or how strangely affecting its quests could often be. And ultimately, that uniqueness is its biggest asset, even when it is paradoxically at odds with so much of its design being straightforward and mundane.


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