High School Freshman Advice: 4 Things You MUST Understand About High School (2019)

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In this video, I debunk widespread myths about high school and give high school freshman advice based on my own personal experiences. I give advice on topics such as freshman year grades/GPA, extracurricular activities, making friends, and picking classes.

Whether you are hoping for college admissions advice on how to get into an Ivy League school or just want to know how to make friends, this video contains all the tips and tricks you need to do well in freshman year of high school.


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Video Sparknotes:

- You might think that because I got into Princeton, my high school experience was completely happy and successful, but you’d be… completely wrong.

- If you’re struggling academically, unsure of how to find something you’re passionate about, anxious about making friends, applying to college-- this video is for you.

- The first thing you MUST know as a freshman in high school is that colleges do NOT care that much about your freshman year grades, and you should not stress out too much about them.

- Most selective colleges actually place LESS weight on freshman year grades when they are reviewing your college application. In fact, there are rumors that Princeton and Stanford both ignore your freshman year GPA completely!

- In order to set yourself up to do well for the rest of high school, you should be taking challenging classes and doing your best in them, but it’s not worth losing friends, sleep, or quitting activities that you really enjoy to get an “A” instead of a “B” in a class freshman year.

- Freshman year is a time to experiment with new friends, activities, and interests. Freshman year is the perfect time to start discovering what your interests are, and Ivy League schools and other selective colleges DO care that you’re passionate about something.

- While freshman year is the perfect time to join clubs, it’s also the perfect time to QUIT clubs.

- Quick plug: Crimson provides top-of-the-line college consulting services, including expert advice on extracurricular activities tailored to your unique situation. They also will put together a whole team of admissions specialists to help you revise and polish your application when it comes time to apply. Check out the link above!

- Make friends with kids in the grades above you. Great ways to do this are through sports, school clubs, or even just at recess- having an older sibling who goes to your school works too.

- They will know a bunch of other things-- some examples might be the best places to hang out, best clubs to join, and best and worst cafeteria food.

- When I was in high school working incredibly hard to get into a college like Princeton, I had this vision in my head where I thought that once I got into Princeton, everything was going to be perfect.

- Making it to an Ivy League school will not change your bad habits and turn you into a great person if you aren’t one already. You will not suddenly find out what you’re passionate about in college unless you actively seek out opportunities to explore, just like in high school.

- Don’t sacrifice good friendships or something you love just so that you can go to a super selective university.


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