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History of Science and Technology Q&A (February 23, 2022)

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Stephen Wolfram hosts a live and unscripted Ask Me Anything about the history of science and technology for all ages. Find the playlist of Q&A's here:

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00:00 Start stream
0:47 SW begins talking
1:20 In 800 years, what will people call the methodology of NKS?
33:43 ​I always felt Ptolemy's system was a necessary step before Copernicus and Newton. Without that slightly dodgy pseudo scientific reasoning. Copernicus and newton wouldn't have "fixed" and refined it.
41:47 Newton invented Calculus and his three Laws. Do you consider the New Physics project developing a new tool like Calculus or you are inventing new Laws.
45:00 Why was gravitoelectromagnetism ignored for so long?
48:13 ​I disagree with Wolfram, I think there is no 'end' to how infinitesimal the universe gets. There's always more, the discoveries will never end.
56:43 I understand a great deal of human history was lost in ancient Alexandria. Of the early mathematics are there texts that reference concepts that are lost to us?
1:08:57 ​Is Ruliology a "young person's game", an "old person's game", or something else? What traits do you think will be most important for great Ruliologists? (Ruliologers? Rulioligizers? Rulioligrapher?)

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