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How to play Ayo Technology with Milow (Guitar lesson)

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This is a timestamp-based tutorial, which means you can click your way through it skipping the parts you don't want/need to watch. The free papers for this song along with other helpful materials can be found at:
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01. Song presentation (00:10)
02. Song overview (00:58)
03. Chorus 1 - Demonstration faster (01:20)
04. Walk-through
∙ Chords (01:59)
∙ Strumming (03:06)
∙ Muting/Percussive strumming (03:48)
∙ Easy strumming (04:12)
∙ Stick (04:39)
∙ Addition (05:03)
∙ LC+ paper & more additions (05:22)
05. Chorus 1 (last two rows) - Demonstration slower (06:04)
06. Variations - How you can play it differently (06:42)

Milow - Ayo Technology
Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)
Key: B minor (B C# D E F# G A B) with a capo on the seventh fret, E minor (E F# G A B C D E) without
Tempo: 129 bpm (or 64-65 bpm)
Available papers: CD, E, LC, LC+ & PP

You can buy Milow's album "Born In The Eighties" on:
Amazon -
iTunes -

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