How to play Eye of the Tiger – Survivor – Drum Lesson

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My drum school:

Melbourne based drummer David Debono teaching 4 parts to the 80's classic motivational song 'Eye of the Tiger' on drums... Hope you enjoy it awesome people...

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The equipment I use:
Drums: The drum kit I am playing here on this video is a Mapex Orion. Its a 6 piece drum kit. Tom sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16.

Cymbals: The cymbals are all Zildjian: A series...

Moongel: I am a fan of moongel on all the drums. It dampens the sound and makes it more punchy... If you have a problem with overtones, definitely give it a try...

Microphones: I use Audix microphones

Bass Drum Pedal: The pedal used here is an Axis longboard.

Recording Software: Cubase

Video Editing Software: Sony Vegas

Digital Interface: Tascam 1800

Drum Sticks: Pro Mark 5A Nylon Tip

Camera:1 x Iphone 6 plus 2 x Sony HandyCam


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