John Densmore Drum Lesson – "Riders On The Storm"

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“I hadn’t listened to L.A. WOMAN in a while, and I listened to it this morning… DAMN it’s good!” -John Densmore

In celebration of 50 years of “Riders On The Storm” this month, take a drum lesson from the maestro himself, Mr. John Densmore, and learn the iconic track.

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The Doors channel is the official YouTube home of classic Doors live performances, The Doors albums, and contemporary performances and content honoring The Doors featuring John Densmore and Robby Krieger.

With an intoxicating, genre-blending sound, provocative and uncompromising songs, and the mesmerizing power of singer Jim Morrison’s poetry and presence, The Doors had a transformative impact not only on popular music but on popular culture.

The Doors’ arrival on the rock scene in 1967 marked not only the start of a string of hit singles and albums that would become classics, but also of something much bigger – a new and deeper relationship between creators and audience. Refusing to be mere entertainers, the Los Angeles quartet relentlessly challenged, confronted and inspired their fans, leaping headfirst into the heart of darkness while other bands warbled about peace and love. Though they’ve had scores of imitators, there’s never been another band quite like them.


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