Klipsch Powered R-41PM Bookshelf Speakers & R-100SW Subwoofer Review. Better than $600 Soundbar Kit?

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I do a deep dive on the features and my experience with the Klipsch R-41PM Bookshelf Speakers & & R-100SW Subwoofer. I discuss some plans for the channel and the emergence of the new WiSA standard. You might find this video of interest if you dislike soundbars and receivers and have around $600 to spend on home theater audio

Time Codes
0:00 Intro
3:48 Design and Build
7:16 Model Name Breakdown (for the nerds)
7:48 Setup
8:58 Inputs
10:11 Device Streaming
10:34 Controls
13:42 Display
13:58 App
14:03 Codec Support
15:00 Sound Check
15:06 Bookshelf & Sub (Movie)
15:39 Bookshelf only (Movie)
16:13 Music Bookshelf & Sub
16:31 Sound Quality
19:51 Conclusions

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