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💫Live Q&A with Alexandra Gater 💫on the topic of home office setups 🖥️, working from home tips 💁🏻, and more!

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5 Home Business Ideas: How To Work From Home Today (Video): https://utm.io/uySJ
13 Home Business Ideas That Let You Work From Home (Blog): https://utm.io/uyQ6

4:45 - What tips do you have for balancing working at home and personal time?
6:35 - How do you separate work space in a studio so that you can relax after work?
8:40 - What are some tips to make our real-life home office background cuter on video calls?
10:00 - How do you deal with being inside all day?
12:10 - Any brand recommendations for a stylish but supportive office chair?
Check out Laura Davidson Direct for all your office chair needs: https://utm.io/uyTw
More options can be found at Branch Furniture: https://utm.io/uyTx
14:20 - How do you divide a space being shared by an adult and a child?
16:00 - Do you have any ergonomics tips for home work spaces?
Swap your regular chair with this balance ball chai from Gaiam: https://utm.io/uyTy
Turn your regular desk into a back-friendly standing one with The UpStanding Desk: https://utm.io/uyTz
Get a lap desk from GradeKart that allows you to sit up straight instead of slouching: https://utm.io/uyTA
Check out the chair Melissa Maker has in her space here: https://utm.io/uyTB
17:45 - How do you light a big living room with no overhead lighting?
19:55 - Do you work the same amount of hours every day and how do you decide when to be done with work for the day?
22:16 - How do you define a space when you share a home office with a significant other?
23:30 - How can I set up a desktop and accessories on my walls (calendar, pegboard) in a rental space?
Check out Writey Boards for peel and stick whiteboards: https://utm.io/uyTC
25:10 - How do you go about planning your work - digitally, in a bullet journal, or other?
27:05 - What are some relaxing DIY decoration items?
28:23 - How do I brighten up a dark basement apartment and prevent my cat from eating all my plants?
Check out ArtiPlanto for a selection of high-quality faux plants: https://utm.io/uyTD
29:43 - How do I make my work space more inviting?
31:10 - How do I organize all the paperwork that’s crowding my desk?
Find a variety of decorative file holders and organizers at Hiier Living (https://utm.io/uyTE) and Dress My Desk (https://utm.io/uyTF)
33:10 - How do you combine two different spaces into one - like a nursery and a home office?
Watch the Murphy desk in action in Bianca's episode of Make My Space Work: https://utm.io/uyTG
34:56 - How do you decorate a condo with all glass walls?
36:30 - How do you keep your workspace clutter free?
38:12 - How do you get out of a slump, especially when you live alone?


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