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“LORES” by Native Instruments – First Impressions and 7 magical patches for starters!

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Veteran producer and sound designer Stephan Oberhoff takes the brand new Kontakt-based app named "LORES" on a short trip into the world of imagination this software evokes.

"I was shocked by how organic and emotional these sounds flowed out of the speakers! Makes me wish I had some film to score right now because the engine produces highly cinematic and visual textures that blend into orchestral sounds beautifully.

I just grabbed the first 7 factory patches I came across so you can decide if this library is essential for you to purchase.
It is currently $ 199.- here in the US and comes with a whopping 69 GB of sounds.

Please be aware that you MUST have around 108 GB free on your SYSTEM drive (even if you want to install it on your outboard sound drive - which is what I always do) to even be able to install it!

As I listen back as you do now, I am continually amazed by the organic detail of all the textures that weave in and out.

Well done, NI - I couldn't resist 😉
Stephan, 04-23-22 "

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