Millennium :: Only be one

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One of the oldest metal bands on the Indian rock scene. Millennium was formed by Rio,who came from Tehran to India,to pursue higher studies. The young medico played in the MSRMC band,while Vehrnon and Roberto, played in the Christ College band. The three decided to come together to get the best of Bangalore-in their own words. Cecil joined in,to handle the rythm,while Stanley came in with the bass.

In 1987,the young band played at the 'Spirit of Iron Maiden' concert in Bangalore,as they had become very famous by this time for their energetic Maiden covers.

In 1992,they realeased the 'Born To Reign' EP, which sold out in a week flat! Their video, 'Peace Just In Heaven',joined the MTV playlist-the first Asian metal band to do so. The song was also conferred with a Skull Krusher of the week on Headbanger's Ball,on the same channel.

By. this time,the lineup had changed to accomadate Nader on the drums,Malcolm on the bass,and Blake on the rythm,as Roberto,Cecil and Stanley had left. In 1993,the band played with the likes of Konark Reddy and Human Bondage,in an effort to save the trees of Bangalore at the Evergreen Concert. In 1994,they released their self titled album,which had such classics as Peace Just In Heaven,Final Sign,Forest Dreams and Only Be One. It was during these recordings that Roberto joined back,and has been the drummer since.


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