Monday 13th February 2023 – Lauren's Live Sewing and Fabric Q & A

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Join me for another fun and inspiring Q & A session from the g&g shop floor. This is a recording of the Instagram Live that took place on Monday 13th February 2023 at 8pm UK time.

You can find all of the fabrics and pattern envelopes that I show in my online shop here https://guthrie-ghani.co.uk/shop.
00:00 Introduction
09:09 Have you ever made patterns out of existing clothes?
10:26 Could I make the Hovea Sewing Society Kit with the Shearling lining? Which version
16:11 Can I do french seams on jersey fabric?
16:44 Will you ever tumble dry any of your me made items?
17:56 How to go about using a zip closure on a tamarack jacket (making from the start).
26:12 How do you line a bodice when the pattern doesn’t say to?
29:46 Whats your favorite pattern?
30:48 I’m terrified of my serger. It has been in the box since 2022. Do you have any advice?
31:39 Any tips of how to use a hem marker because sometimes the lines aren’t too distinct
32:40 What exactly are the pins that can be used on knit fabrics? Cannot find ballpins anywhere
35:28 A while ago you talked about a new dress pattern you wanted to try, can you remember which?
36:09 What do you do when you feel like you have lost your ability to sew properly….I just want to cry
38:08 How much did you raise neck on Norma blouse for it to be round?
39:16 Desperately want help regarding marking - have tried chalk pencils but the chalk constantly breaking
41:04 Any tips of cutting a skirt on the bias, also to alter around the waist, fabric is viscose.
43:00 Machine is skipping stitches or bunching thread on one side…whats going on?
43:45 I bought 2.5m of AB seed viscose as my first foray into drapey fabrics. Its so slippery and I’m very nervous. No idea what pattern to try. I’m a confident beginner but new to this fabric

47:25 I have 3m of polyester satin in a very nice print I bought it by mistake thinking it's silk. I only wear natural fibers and don't like a feel of polyester on my skin. Any ideas what to use it for? Would it work for lining a blazer?
47:54 I bought a beautiful turquoise 5% (I think) stretch cotton from you and I have no clue what to use it for
48:39 I’m ready for trousers with zip or button fly but scared. Any pattern with amazing instructions please
49:39 I’d like to make the Marlo sweater, looking for some fabric recs
51:55 A fabric for the Named Sloan please, preferably plain
53:09 I’m making the marie shirt kit, what other plain fabrics do you recommend for the pattern
54:15 Got an awards dinner to go too. Thinking of making cashmerette rockwell dress, fabric ideas?
55:20 Can you recommend some fabrics for the Anna Allen Anthea blouse please?
56:33 Which one of your fabrics would you pick for a maxi shelby dress by TrueBias, not fabric godmother fabrics?
57:38 Fabric for philippa pants (got the kit fabric but love the pattern so want more).
58:12 Looking for a fitted-ish midi dress pattern with elastic waist and arms no zip.
58:56 Looking for a mans classic short sleeve shirt pattern, but not one that opens with lapels
59:10 Will the dotty fabric from the last kit be available by the meter?
59:20 Looking for trouser suggestions for floral stretch gaberdine for spring/summer
59:30 Searching for fabric to make the TATB Juno Pjs
60:45 Recommendations for material for a trench coat? Is meet milk smooth drape too floppy?
61:49 Can you suggest alternatives to denim for denim jacket. Old machine and thick seams is a no-no
62:33 I love the Thelma fabric and would like to make a gilet without a hood. Any pattern suggestions using that fabric please?
63:10 I’ve just ordered some sage/white jersey and wondered if you could show any other striped fabric for making tops that are a bit more weighty than thin t-shirt (similar to Boden winter Breton).
64:15 Can you show the smooth drape twill in the bottle green and washed teal? Trying to decide. Would that work with Untitled thoughts Olive jumpsuit (tapered leg)


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