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Movies to Video Games Review — Gremlins 2 (NES) [Version 2.0]

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Please Note: This is an updated and redone review of Gremlins 2 and is now considered the official Episode 2 of this channel.


Movies To Video Games Reviews
Review #2
(Version 2.0)

Second version of this review.

Wasn’t happy with the way the first one came out so this is now the official review as far as my reviews go.

A lot of changes, and a higher score amongst the things changed in this version. New opening and closing graphics as well as shorter movie synopsis to fit in with the rest of my reviews from now on.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch for the Nintendo Entertainment System is fully reviewed and analyzed as compared to the actual movie itself.

Feel free to comment. More movies to video games reviews coming soon.. suggestions and feedback welcome and encouraged.

In the means of saving space the score tallies used to get to the final score are listed here instead of in the review itself. They are on a 1-10 scale with 10 being the best score possible and are as follows:

Story Accuracy to the Movie 5.5
(The only true accuracy is in the cut scenes. The rest doesn’t match up as well as it could have)

Music Soundtrack Accuracy to the Movie’s 2.0
(Songs are in the spirit of the soundtrack but don’t match up at all and is totally original in origin. That doesn’t mean they are bad though. Game Music fans will love the soundtrack with some of the songs being memorable. Gremlins theme somewhere in the game though would have been nice too.)

Game Difficulty 4.5
(The game is challenging and frustrating at many points but the game is too short when all is said and done. Play control issues can be annoying as well making it harder than it should be.)

Overall Fun 6.5
(The game is fun but also limiting. Replayability will be low for most but it will keep you busy for the time you are into beating it.)

Final Score: 6.00


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