My Story to Med School – Advice to Premed Students – Why YOU Can Do it Too [Motivation]

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My Story from High School Student to College Premed to Med Student: I give an overview of my journey, my story from high school to college to medical school. More importantly, I go over the lessons I learned that were key in my own success. If you're on the premed or healthcare path, I hope this story gives you perspective on the med school admissions process.

Challenges and obstacles effect everyone. The ball is ultimately in your court. "I cannot change life but I can change how I react to it". Resilience, determination, and perseverance will serve you well as a high school student, college premed, medical student, and in all aspects of your life. Find out how to motivate yourself, as it is ultimately motivation that will carry you through tough times.

Additionally, prioritization, focus, and discipline will guide your actions and behaviors that will culminate in whether you gain acceptance to medical school or not. It boils down to how bad you want it. At the same time, balance is key to prevent burnout. Remember, its a marathon, not a sprint!



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