PC Longplay [875] Supercars International

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Played by: Eino

DOS exclusive remake of Super Cars 2. Developed by Magnetic Fields and released in 1996, five years after SC 2 on Amiga. In this longplay all difficulty modes are beaten in 1st place. Graphics have been upgraded, various options added, some broken features fixed and there is now even ingame music in addition to SFX. Menu music isn't as good though, compared with the original game.

Shop has been modified a lot. Instead of engine upgrades there are nine different cars to be bought from a car dealer. Cars are divided to three models with three cars each. More expensive cars have better features, such as better top speed, acceleration and weapon capabilities. More expensive cars can basically carry more advanced weapons and also more of each type, but repairs are more expensive. Besides engine, battering rams and nitros have been removed and replaced with few new weapons.

There doesn't seem to be any new tracks and that is IMO biggest shortcoming of this game. Some tracks are repeated for different difficulty modes and it takes about twice as long to complete all seasons compared to Amiga version. Seasons can also now be created with free choice of tracks and custom gameplay options. Number of laps and difficulty can be adjusted for each track separately and features such as trains and gates etc. can be disabled. This was played with default gameplay options, but minimap was disabled because it's useless and blocks visibility.

This version is rather easy. With little practice I was able to finish the hard mode with a massive lead in points. With little bit of luck the trading system can be exploited for lots of extra cash and weapons become very cheap to buy later on.

00:06:14 Easy Season
00:27:10 Medium Season
01:01:30 Hard Season
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