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Food is one of the most important points for human and animal health. In the case of pets, a Dog Care food needs to have a balanced range of nutrients and vitamins so that they meet the need according to their breed, size and age.


• Animal Protein: Animal protein should always be the number one ingredient in any dog food. It can be meat, chicken, fish, among others.

• Vitamins: See if the diet has natural antioxidant preservatives, such as vitamins C and E. They may still present as mixed tocopherols or ascorbic acid. Minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium Sodium (Selenium) and Calcium are indicated.

• Healthy Fats: Some healthy fats may be present in the feed, depending on the brand. And this is very good. It is because the fats come from healthy sources that include some essential omega 3 fatty acids.

• Vegetables and Whole Grains: May also be present in some rations. Among those recommended are: Rice or Whole Rice; Beet Pulp; Sorghum; Barley.


Puppies when born are like babies, so it is recommended that they feed only on breast milk. Specific milk for puppies should only be provided if the mother can not breastfeed or reject the puppy. Otherwise, there is no need to supplement. Puppies should be fed until approximately two months old. During the first 30 days the feeding will be exclusively breast milk.


After one year of age, your puppy is already able to feed exclusively on ration for adult puppies. Now that you have read about all the types of foods available in the market, you will be able to choose the right one. Your veterinarian's opinion is essential in this choice.


After 7 years of age, dogs are considered of advanced age and the type of senior ration recommended. This type of Pet Care is formulated especially for the elderly dogs that need a special diet.


Here are some tips and final considerations from experts:

1. Look For Nutritional Guarantee

When buying an industrialized food, see if the package has all of the following characteristics:

Intact packaging (no holes or tears);
Seal of guarantee of the regulatory body;
All the information required by the MAP on the label.

Keep food in its original packaging in a dry and protected place, without direct sunlight. Proper conservation of food is as important as your choice. In addition, it is important to keep the original packaging of the product. If necessary, you will need the batch number and expiry date on the packaging to file a complaint with the manufacturer. Therefore, avoid buying foods in bulk as the product's exposure may pose risks to the animal and it has no guarantees.

2. Dogs and Vegetarian Diets

Some dog owners opt for this diet because they are vegetarians. According to some professionals in the field, dogs can also adapt to a vegetarian diet and live healthy. However, it is still a very controversial topic that divides nutritionists because the dog is a carnivorous animal.

3. Damp Dog Food X Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food is more practical, makes less dirt and easier to store. In addition, chewing the small food pellets is good for the dog's teeth. But wet (canned) ration may be a better option for those who have chewing problem or dodgy dogs.

4. Be Careful Not To Exceed The Amount Of Food

It may even be more convenient to leave your dog's pot full all day, but he/she will end up eating too much. In addition, food will be exposed to light and moisture all day. Not recommended. Therefore, read the product packaging and look for the suggested amount based on the ideal weight of the animal.

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