Samsung The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV (2021) Full Review & Art Mode

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The Samsung Frame QLED TV of 2021 is newer, thinner, and more complicated? The Frame is the very best TV to also display pictures from the Smart Things app and from the Samsung Art Store. I'll go over setup, installation, art mode, The Frame as TV, and then help you decide if it's the right TV for you.

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Samsung Frame TV - https://geni.us/Bq3krIT [Amazon]
Samsung QN90A - https://geni.us/Qk06WgR [Amazon]
Sony A90J OLED - https://geni.us/FAa8zII [Amazon]
Sony A80J OLED - https://geni.us/rMjq [Amazon]
LG G1 Gallery Series OLED - https://geni.us/TCbriUO [Amazon]
LG C1 OLED - https://geni.us/fpUg [Amazon]
Sony A9G OLED - https://geni.us/MolTzM [Amazon]
LG CX OLED - https://geni.us/g77Sde [Amazon]
Sony A8H OLED - https://geni.us/Cm6yka1 [Amazon]

LED Lights for TV
GoVee Reacting TV LED lights with app - https://geni.us/JxnGl [Amazon]
Cheap set - limited control but nice - https://geni.us/BbI9Q5 [Amazon]

Most Recommended TV Mounts

Simple Perlesmith PSMTK1 Flat TV mount - https://geni.us/JezrE17 [Amazon]
Best Tilt TV Mount $4$ - Everstone WLT103M-ES - https://geni.us/16AwwO [Amazon]
Best Single Stud TV Mount - Perlesmith PSMFK1 - https://geni.us/oNoWL9 [Amazon]
Most Versatile Full Motion TV Mount Mounting Dream MD2380 - https://geni.us/SqxUkb [Amazon]
Large Full Motion TV Mount - Mounting Dream MD2198 - https://geni.us/VJEXQ [Amazon]
Alt Large Full Motion TV Mount - Echogear EGLF2-BK - https://geni.us/v0d7uAZ [Amazon]
Mantel Mount MM340 w/o soundbar holder - https://geni.us/pOTaENA [Amazon]
Best Mantel Mount MM540 w/sound bar holder - https://geni.us/kfxc [Amazon]

Netgear Orbi (see renewed price middle of page) - https://geni.us/zzE40 [Amazon]
Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 - https://geni.us/Rqm9tw [Amazon]
Amazon Eero Wifi 6 - https://geni.us/n9gmeVA [Amazon]
Amazon Eero Pro Wifi 6 - https://geni.us/nMJc [Amazon]

Linksys Velop - https://geni.us/FswYd8 [Amazon]
Linksys Velop Wifi 6 - https://geni.us/AAfrPU [Amazon]

Budget Options
TP Link S4 - https://geni.us/rETK [Amazon]
TP Link M5 Deco - https://geni.us/jVN19 [Amazon]
Google WiFi 2020 - https://geni.us/96sgn [Amazon]

0:00 Intro
1:14 Unboxing
1:52 One Connect Box
2:48 No Gap Wall Mount
3:48 One Wire In wall
4:44 Remote
5:10 Tizen OS & PIP
5:53 Art Mode
8:04 Frame as a TV
8:50 Gaming
9:16 Should you buy the Frame?


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