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Part 2 of "Reinventing the World - 500 years of the Reformation" examine the link between the 1600s and the current search for truth in the digital age.

The 1600s saw much scientific progress and innovation: from the first newspaper publication to the discovery of new planets.

Spirituality and technology dominated the world. A first version of mass media was born in the 17th century, and around the same time, trade became truly global. In the second episode of "Reinventing the World" we meet Johann Carolus, the man who invented the newspaper; the legendary astronomer Johannes Kepler, and the shopkeeper Anna Veltmans, who was accused of witchcraft.

Johannes Kepler’s laws of planetary motion - including the proposal that planets move about the sun in elliptical orbits - revolutionized our understanding of our place in the world. Modern science was born. But women accused of witchcraft were still being burned at the stake.

In this episode of "Reinventing the World" we trace the birth of the modern world and ask how far we have come in our quest for meaning and truth. Along with our historical protagonists, we hear from Pauline Tillmann, a young journalist who set up an online platform to promote long-read reporting and give women in the media more of a voice. We also meet Caroline Dorn, an astrophysicist based in Bern who researches exoplanets.

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