Snowflake: Sprawling Geometry



Don Komarechka
This is my favourite type of snowflake. Geometric centers combined with out-stretched yet balanced branches. View large!

This snowflake even has a little colour to offer. Not only the "prismatic" colour in the branches (prismatic isn't a word, but I think ti fits), but there is some signs of thin film interference in a side-branch on the lower left. I love the little hints of colour that these snowflakes offer, breaking the monotone stereotype many people have for the subject.

These crystals are quite fragile, and pieces can easily break off. Again on the lower left branch you'll see one side-branch that appears to be transparent, where the rest of the snowflake is reflective. This branch is slightly broken, and bent onto a different angle. This angle might be only a few degrees, but it's enough to change how it appears to the camera. Finding a perfectly unbroken snowflake is more difficult that it may seem!

While I have not yet found the perfect snowflake, I'll keep looking. 🙂 You can see a great collection of them in Sky Crystals, a 304 page hardcover book published at the beginning of this winter. - Science, photography and fascination!
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