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Sound Design and Synth Fundamentals

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In this video, I show you the fundamental basics of sound design and synthesis so that you can start creating sounds with confidence. I cover a wide variety of topics ranging from the basic starting blocks of sound to more complex sound design techniques and share some tips and tricks in the video too.

Updated 2021 Sound Design and Synth Video:

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▶Advanced Sound Design Tutorial -

▶Time Stamps
0:00 - Overview
0:30 - Basic Waveforms
3:10 - Additive and Subtractive Synthesis
4:35 - Unison
6:50 - Filters
8:15 - Envelopes (ADSR)
11:00 - LFOs
13:20 - FX Processors

There will be more advanced sound design videos in the following weeks so stay tuned for more.
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