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Starting a Car Cleaning business Start up on a BUDGET ⭐ Complete Cost Breakdown!

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Starting a car cleaning business on a BUDGET has now been made so much easier as I will give you a complete car cleaning business start up guide plus share an in depth cost breakdown of all the essentials for those who want to start a Basic car cleaning business on a budget.

As this is aimed at people with small budgets I have excluded the water tank and generator and will focus on an intermediate start up. In this video I will also cover car Valeters insurance, Types of vehicles to go for and provide a grand total at the end of the video.

Below I have listed top picks for anyone getting started. They are low in price and low risk products. Obviously as you progress so do your chemicals so i will be making another video similar with a more advanced set up for those of you who want to start and learn but also have a larger budget in mind.

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Products Featured in this video:

Washing & Pre Wash Chemicals

Turtle wax shampoo £10.01 -
Power maxed tfr 13.49 -
Turtle wax 25l -
Turtle wax wheel acid £15 -
Pro kleen snow foam £15 -
Dragons blood fallout remover 24 -


Epic solutions tar remover £22 - 39UR0HJ
plan tyre silk £10 -
Valet pro glass cleaner £21 -
Sonax brilliant shine detailer 37.50
SRP £12 -
Megs compound 13 -

Interior Cleaning Products:

WR cockpit cleaner 12.99 -
Williams racing carpet cleaner £11 - will add link once back in stock

Drying Tools for Beginners:

Towels x3 for £15.14 -
Flunky -
Microfibre Cloths -
Tyre sponge £5 for 5 -
Wax applicators £6 for £12 -

Car Cleaning Tools:

Titan wet vac £70 - Available at Screwfix. various models
Karcher xpert £350 -
30m hose £17 -
Extension lead £11 -

Detailing Accessories:

Window cleaning bucket £6 half price of a caddy -
Pet hair brush £6 - (I use this one)
Empty bottles £10 for 3 or save money and buy glass cleaner for a £1 and keep bottle

Car cleaning brushes sets vary £10-£12 on average -
Wash mitts -

Vikan brush set -
Wheel woolies - ⭐Use code EPIC⭐


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