Take the 30-Day Vocal Challenge – Daily Singing Lessons [DAY 1]

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Starting today - Nov. 1st, Emily and I are going to bring you a 30 day vocal challenge where each morning at 9am PST we’ll be dropping a quick singing lesson to help you begin getting into the habit of vocal training every day.

By setting the intention and making the commitment that you’re going to do this every day, you’ll be amazed at just how much you can improve by doing a couple minutes of vocal exercises for 4 short weeks.

Trust me!

The hardest step is truly making the commitment to yourself and publicly on the channel. Once you do this, the rest is simple follow through which is why I always recommend putting this in your calendar or setting an alarm each morning so you can wake up, do your vocal exercises and be ready for the day!

Be sure to hit that NOTIFICATION BELL so you’re notified each morning when the next video drops and if you haven’t yet, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel as we’re going to be bringing you amazing content from a handful of different professional vocal teachers each and every week.

So…who’s in?! Who’s ready to commit to this for 30 days? Who’s ready to dedicate a few minutes of their day to experience some incredible results in just a matter of weeks?

What are you waiting for?! COMMENT, “I’M IN!” Below and let’s help you reach all your singing goals starting today!

Also, if you haven’t yet be sure to take our free #Singing Killer Quiz below. Join over 1.5 Million people that took my Singing Killer Quiz to find and correct their #1 Singing Killer and unlock their singing potential!

Click the link to take my FREE SINGING KILLER QUIZ here:

If you’re interested in going further and faster in your singing career, I’d highly recommend grabbing my full 8-week Superior Singing Method course that over 75,000 students worldwide have taken.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can just log in and have access to all the high-quality singing lessons along with audio exercises you can take with you on the go!

Go here to find more information or to purchase Superior Singing Method today: https://bit.ly/3FN14QY

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