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The ✨Ultimate✨ Cosplay & Historical Sewing Gift Guide 2022!

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Links to gifts & creators' channels below!!!

Stitch Buzz Seam Allowance Rulers:
Fabric For Fashion Swatch Book: (affiliate)
Avigail Adams Greek Goddess Crown:

@DandyWellington https// & Black Ivy Book: (affiliate)

​@bernadettebanner (wherever cheezits are sold)

@Costuming_Drama White Board: (affiliate) White Board: (affiliate)
Cosplay Planner
Notion App Cosplay Planner:

@NicoleRudolph Aesthetic Journals:

@MorganDonner Fake Books (affiliate)

@rachelmaksy Maker X by Worx (affiliate)

@MicarahTewers (affiliate)

@Sewstine Leather Thimble:
English Gown Pattern: and Historical Hair Pieces:

@pinsenttailoring Stork Snips:

@officialhambly Mood Mystery Boxes!

@erinparsonsmakeup 1930s Makeup: (affiliate)
Technique & Art of Marcel Waving - (affiliate)
Art of Finger Waving: (affiliate)
Successful Water Waves A step by step guide:
Hair Style Design 1940s Hair Shaping, Finger Waving, and Styling Techniques: (affiliate)
Creative Hairshaping and Hairstyling You Can Do: (affiliate)
Mystery of Hair Styling (1950s) (affiliate)
Hair Design (1950s) (affiliate)

@NotYourMommasHistory Excellent Mules: & Reproduction Kerchief:

@TheCoutureCourtesan Armour and Castings Shop:

@TheClosetHistorian Sequins!
Pattern Paper:

​@SewRena and


@SummerAnneLee ( Tiaras 15% off w/ code SummerLee (affiliate)
Jewelry: Jewelry:
The American Duchess Guide to 18th-Century Beauty:
Incendiary: A History of Red Lingerie:

@Queen_Astraea ( &
Taste of History: (affiliate)
Margo's Italian Lady Gamurra Pattern:
Cool Mugs:
Met Museum Jewelry:

Erika a La Mode ( Star Wars Jewelry!

Fresh Frippery (
Son de Flor Dresses: (affiliate)
Sporting Fashion Book: (affiliate)

Our Shield Maiden (
Bias Tape Kit:

Captain Kaycee (
American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking: (affiliate)
The Hero's Closet: (affiliate)

Intro: 00:00 - 01:53
Practical Gifts! 01:54 - 15:13
Pretty Gifts! (SPARKLES) 15:13 - 24:52
BOOKS 24:53 - 34:39
oops 34:40 - 35:33


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