The Internet Mysteries Iceberg Explained

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I'm Dantavius, this is The Internet Mysteries Iceberg Explained. A video detailing unexplained and/or mysterious phenomenon all around the internet. I cover a lot of topics in this bad boy. Cicada 3301, Polybius, Markovian Parallax Denigrate, John Titor, This Man, Elisa Lam, 11B-X-1371, Chip Chan, Burger King Foot Lettuce, Erratas, u/yayvideogames, Kanye Quest 3030, Kenny Veach, Kate Yup, John Lang, Baby Monkey Hate Ring, Barbie.avi, the dissapearance of Maura Murray, Paris Catacombs, Laughing Horse's Orifice Headquarters, and more! If you want to get more in depth discussions on any of these topics please check out corresponding videos by Nexpo, Blameitonjorge, Barely Sociable, and others.

This video is also similar to some of my other Iceberg Videos like:
The Mysterious People Iceberg Explained, The Disturbing Reddit Posts Iceberg Explained, The Cryptids and Mythological Creatures Iceberg Explained, and The Adult Swim Iceberg Explained.

Here's a link to the Iceberg Chart:

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Time Stamps:
0:00 - Intro
1:37 - First Layer
14:55 - Paying Bills
16:23 - First Layer Continued
21:00 - Second Layer
35:21 - Third Layer
1:13:53 - Fourth Layer
1:36:28 - Outro


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