THE LAST OF US Episode 7 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Easter Eggs

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Clean your Mac today with CleanMyMacX: https://bit.ly/CMMandHeavySpoilers THE LAST OF US Episode 7 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Easter Eggs. We break down and recap Episode 7 of TLOU on HBO. This includes easter eggs, game similarities and differences, things you missed, hidden details, our review and also our theories on what we think could happen in Episode 8. Covering subjects such as Joel and Ellie, Riley, the game differences, inected, Clickers, Dina and everything you need to know about the new entry.

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So The Last Of Us episode 7 is now out and this episode is filled with a tonne of easter eggs, callbacks to the game and lots of things that flesh out Ellie's backstory. Based on the Left Behind DLC that saw us learning more about what happened with Ellie during the time that Joel was at deaths door. In the game originally after he fell off the horse you had a massive section where you played as her for about an hour and you had absolutely no idea whether Joel was alive or dead. It was agonising fighting through infected to discover what happened but here we find out in the opening that he's ok.

When the Last Of Us Part 1 remake was released last year I was thinking that they might add in the left behind chapter so it happened in chronological order. They didn't and Sandman is the only show I've seen come with DLC so here they dropped it in where it should take place in the story.

However they do skip over a big part of it dealing with Ellie searching for supplies. The story was split in half with us getting two scenarios set in a mall. Throughout the DLC you jumped back and forth between the two and in the first you saw what we get in the mall with Riley. In the section set in the present you followed Ellie as she looked for supplies and this took you to a crashed military chopper in an area that was teaming with infected. After getting them you made your way back to Joel which is where you had to protect him from hunters who were out for blood.

Now we start off in a snowy abandoned neighbourhood which looks like where Joel and Ellie went to after the Mall. His blood lines the street and we see a garage doorway as well as a horse inside of it. Upon returning home from hunting you saw that Ellie had hitched up somehwere like this and they've really managed to recapture the location.

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