The REAL Way To Play The Blues – Tony Coleman Drum Lesson

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“Feel it, don’t think it.”

After many years of playing with B.B. King and other genre legends, Tony Coleman is the man when it comes to blues drumming. In this hour-long live lesson, he shares what it means to play the blues ‘authentically’ and how to spice up your shuffles.

It takes feel to put flavor in. Like a good gumbo, “you’ve got to put the love and passion in it, know it, feel it, taste it, understand it to make it come out right.”

Rather than thinking about BPM, Tony prefers to go by FPM: Feeling Per Minute. He says it’s really not about the sheet music; it’s about learning what to do when it needs to be done.

Prepare to learn “the real way to play the blues”, and even hear some wisdom Tony picked up from B.B. King himself.

Lesson Index:
0:27 – SONG: “Get Ready” by the Tony Coleman Band/The Temptations
4:50 – Introduction
8:59 – What it means to play ‘authentically’
10:32 – SONG: “Tony TC Cole Man Shuffle” by Tony Coleman
16:02 – Basic shuffle
22:23 – Double shuffle
28:52 – Slow blues
32:31 – How to get the blues ‘feel’
44:04 – Tips for beginners
50:28 – SONG: “The Blues Had A Baby” by Tony Coleman

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